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NT Learning gives everyone the chance to discover new skills and experience the excitement of theatre-making, through inspiring projects at the National Theatre, in schools and with people of all ages across the UK. Through online resources we open up theatre-making at the National to students across the world.

We offer a range of workshops and events to support your students’ connection with the production.

WAR HORSE Page-to-Stage Events

These onstage pre-show events are specifically designed to unlock the extraordinary creative learning opportunities of War Horse.
Young people will have the unique experience of interacting with members of the War Horse Creative and Acting Company and the National Theatre’s Learning Team to explore some of the background principles of puppetry, the rehearsal and technical processes that have brought this magical production to life, as well as a chance to ask questions of company members at the end.

WAR HORSE Puppetry Workshop

Designed to give students a hands-on understanding of how to create characters through puppetry and physicality; the workshops give a taste of the devising process through which the War Horse horses come to life. This workshop will be run by National Theatre practitioners who have worked as performers and puppeteers in the production.

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